Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Baby do it!"

What happened to my little baby girl who still needed her mom for stuff?!

(First, I still call Elizabeth my baby and so she still calls herself Baby. She doesn't know yet that she is a big girl, and not a baby anymore in the literal sense of the word. However, she will be my baby forever and I will not start calling her my big girl for as long as I can get away with it!)

Elizabeth has turned into Little Miss Independent lately. She thinks she doesn't need her mom for anything anymore! If I turn a light on, I hear, "Baby do it!" and she will go turn the light off and turn it back on. If I shut a door, I hear, "Baby do it!" and she will go open the door and shut it again. If I turn her sound machine on, open her monkey tent, stack her books, get a blanket or Henry the Monkey out of her crib, (etc, etc, etc) I hear, "Baby do it!" and she will undo and redo whatever it was that Mommy had actually managed to do quite well the first time, thankyouverymuch. You get the idea.

I can't even feed her anymore. She eats all by herself. (She does really awesome feeding herself with her forks and spoons, by the way.) At least she still needs me to actually prepare her food!

However, my super independent, wonderful, amazing daughter is still my baby at bedtime. After we read a few books, she turns around and lays her head on my shoulder and I hold her just like I did when she was a tiny newborn (only now her feet go to my knees instead of the bottom of my ribcage) and we sing a song about cuddle time and say our prayers and I wish that she would stay my baby forever. In those few minutes, she isn't fighting with me over who puts her socks on or who pushes the chair in. She is just my sweet little precious baby who still wants to cuddle with her mommy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Playing in Mommy's room

Lizzie: Up, up, up bed!

Me: Can I have a kiss first?

Lizzie: No, evermind! *walks away*

Daddy and Lizzie playing downstairs

Lizzie: Daddy get tunnel!

Nate: Do you want to go upstairs and play in the tunnel?

Lizzie: Evermind! *walks away*

Elizabeth...uh... grunting

Me: Lizzie, do you want to sit on the potty chair??"

Lizzie: No, evermind! *runs away to go grunt somewhere else*

Yay baby!!!

For the last week or two, Elizabeth has been sitting on the toilet and reading books and magazines... and doing nothing else. It was super cute and I took pictures and all, but it was more like play time than potty time. I found that she stays put better when she sits on the regular toilet with the toddler seat than for her to sit on her little toilet because she just gets up and wonders around.

Well... today, Elizabeth pooped in the big girl toilet twice. TWICE! Yeah, no big deal. Whatever. (AHHHH!!!!! TWICE!!)

We were playing in the living room and then she said "Baby toot!" So I took her in to the bathroom and set her on the toilet and asked if she could toot again. She did. (hehe) "Baby toot again!" giggled Lizzie. I asked her again if she could toot again. So she tried and all of a sudden... plop! She looked startled and reached out and said, "Carry you??" (Which is what she says when she wants us to pick her up. I believe it came from when we say, "Do you want to walk or do you want me to carry you?") I showed her the poop in the toilet and I started freaking out and clapping and praising and we jumped up and down. Yay baby!!! Then later in the day, she did all of this again! Yay baby!!!

I wanted to post a picture of this momentous occassion. However, I decided that when she is older, I still want her to like me. So instead I'll post this picture. Here she is sitting on the toilet shortly after her first job and saying "Ta Da!" What a big girl!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sad baby!

When Elizabeth gets told no or she gets pulled out of something that she wants to be in, and pretty much whenever she doesn't get her way, sometimes she'll start crying and run over to me saying, "Baby sad!"

When she does this, we'll say, "Are you a happy baby?" and she'll make this funny face like she's pursing her lips and sucking air in while she composes herself. It is so funny! Then all of a sudden she's a smiling happy baby with wet cheeks. =)

Also, sometimes whens he is in a grumpy mood or upset about something, she will run back in to the room all of a sudden, with a huge smile on her face, saying "Baby HAPPY!" Yay! ♥

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Slappy Slappy Blue Ball

Whenever Daddy walks in the door after work, Lizzie starts saying, "Slappy slappy blue ball, Daddy!!" over and over again. Which pretty much means she wants to go downstairs to play. Slappy slappy blue ball is a game Lizzie and her daddy made up and play downstairs where they slap my big, blue yoga ball. Weirdos!

She will also start looking for her shoes and wanting to go outside as soon as her daddy walks in the door. She loves going outside. LOVES IT. Even when it is cold and I am out there shivering, she does not care. She just wants to be outside!

Today when Nate walked in, Lizzie started yelling, "Daddy! Slappy slappy blue ball! Walk outside! Shoes! Jacket! Daddy!" Whoa baby! He didn't know which way to turn! They are outside playing right now. =)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I want to remember

This is just a list of things I want to remember... hence the title of the post. :)

  • Elizabeth loves eating what she calls "foffles" and "namas" (waffles and bananas, duh) for breakfast.
  • Instead of saying something like, "Gimme!" like I hear from most toddlers, Lizzie says, "Reeeach!" if she wants something.
  • She is pretty much copying everything we say. It doesn't always sound the same, but she tries!
  • After a visit to Colorado, Elizabeth has learned to say everyone's names out there. Kourtny is "Kokey," Faith is "Fate," Olivia is "Livie," David is "Dabie," and Kristal sounds different every time she says it.
  • She calls Pooh and Piglet "Pooh and Piggy."
  • ***She can kinda sorta count to ten!!! It goes like this... "One, two, three, two, FIVE!!! Six, eight, nine, TEN!!!!" It counts!
  • She knows what a bunch of animals say when we ask her. So far she knows cat, dog, horse, cow, sheep, monkey, owl, and pig (kinda).
  • She calls Molly "Money" and will say "no, no doggy!" if Molly is doing something naughty.
  • When I was teaching Lizzie how to count to 3, I would say, "1...2...3... Mommy!!" and she would say, "...2....3" real quietly, and then say, "MOMMY!!!!" I can't type it as cute as she says it. :) Then she started saying, "...2....3.... GABBA GABBA!!" Hmpf.
  • When trying to convince Elizabeth to come back to her room for a diaper change, I held out my hand to her and started marching down the hall while saying, "March, march, march..." It has actually worked a few times! And now she can be found kinda stomping around and saying "Mon, mon, mon..."
  • Elizabeth says "wower" for "flower." I tried to get her to say the "f" sound. I said, "Lizzie, say ffffffflower!" So she says, "Ffffffff... wower!"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The results are in!

Elizabeth's EEG results came back NORMAL!!!!!

We took her to Children's Hospital on Tuesday for her EEG. We were advised to keep her up late and get her up early. I thought maybe a half hour or so would due the trick. But THEN the nurse said to keep her up until midnight and get her up at 6:00! What the what? Also, NO NAP! Crazy people.

So my poor over tired baby girl had to endure these really nice ladies coloring on her head and putting "stickers" all over the place. She actually did way better than I thought she would, but she still cried a lot. =( They brought out a little DVD player and stuck in Finding Nemo, so that distracted her sometimes. After they were done putting the little electrodes all over my defenseless little baby, they wrapped gauze all around her head. It was so sad to see my precious baby like that!

Then they shut the lights off and I cuddled up next to her. They needed her to sleep for at least 10 minutes for the test to get accurate readings. After just a couple of minutes, she was out. She was still doing the little gasps that she does after she cries a lot, but she was sleeping!

So Friday morning Nate called the doctor to see if the results were in yet for the EEG or for the stool sample that we took in last week. (By the way, yuck). Then later in the afternoon, when we still hadn't gotten a call, I called again. Yes, we are those parents. I did not want to wait all weekend for these results when they were mostly likely sitting on his desk.

The nurse started talking about how the call slip is in his pile of people to call "and the results for the EEG are here and they came back normal but the stool sample hasn't come back yet, hopefully we'll get it-"
I interupted her to say, "Wait, WHAT? The EEG came back normal??"
Nurse: "Yes it did, but the stool sample results will hopefully be back tomorrow..."

Obviously she cared deeply for those poop results (which also came back normal, by the way.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, it has finally happened...

Nate has finally written something in the baby book! (Well, the notebook I keep on the counter to write down cute things that Lizzie does.)

Just so you know, "baball" = football

Okay, so here is what the proud daddy wrote in her baby book:

"Elizabeth said FOOTBALL ON! Daddy is so very proud. I was watching a game and had it paused and she pointed to the TV and said 'baball on.'"

And then Nate proceded to tell everyone he knows about his daughter wanting to watch football. Weirdos.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Trip to Colorado

We got back from another exciting, fun filled vacation to visit our family in Colorado! The pictures pretty much explain everything we did and how much fun we had. :)

Elizabeth being all cute on the drive out there. You know, the 9 hour drive that she only slept 20 minutes of.

Lizzie loving playing in the water at this pretty garden place.

Playing in the water again.

Elizabeth and "Campa" getting some quality snuggle time.

Elizabeth at the ranch, wearing the cutest little riding helmet, while wearing Kourt's John Deere shirt (which we accidnetly stole... sorry Kourt!) and playing on Kourt's phone.

Tradional family photo at the Budweiser Factory

Elizabeth playing a beautiful ballad. (Good thing this is just a picture and not a video.)

Helping Aunt Kristal in the yard

She loved collecting pine cones! She even brought some home with her.

Chilling in the comfy chair and watching some Yo Gabba Gabba. Life is good. :) Also, her legs are so dang cute.

Where'd the baby go?!

My little girl on the way home. Where she stayed awake for the whole 9 hour drive.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Second trip to the ER... :(

We have been pretty blessed with Elizabeth's health. She has gotten a runny nose a few times (which most of the time I believe was from teething) and that is pretty much it. She gave us a pretty big scare when she was 10 weeks old, but other than that, she's been pretty healthy. Well now the punk has me scared.

A couple of days ago (Sept 11th), Elizabeth slept in pretty late, which is unlike her. When she finally woke up, I got her out of bed and she ended up falling back to sleep in my arms in her rocking chair. We sat there and cuddled and rocked for a very long time. She is so precious. She started to wake up so I took her to the living room so I could get her sippy cup, and she fell back to sleep in my arms again. So we sat on the couch and cuddled. Finally around 11:15 she woke up.

I asked her if she wanted her sippy or a cracker and she said, "Eat." So I got her a cracker and sat back down on the couch with her. She was sitting on my lap facing me and was holding her cracker. All of a sudden, she got super pale and super sweaty, and her eyes went blank. They never rolled back into her head or anything, they just stared right through me. I freaked. I started yelling her name and trying to get her to focus on me. I set her on the couch and kneeled right in front of her trying to get her to focus. Finally, finally she did. It seemed like forever but in reality was probably 10 seconds.

So of course this happens on a Saturday morning and of course her daddy left to go to Iowa City for a football game a few hours earlier. Lizzie's heart was racing and she seemed pretty out of it. Really lethargic. I called my mom and asked her to come over and then called Lizzie's doctor's office, which went to an answering service. They took down all of the information about what had happened and said a nurse would call me back.

While we waited for the nurse to call back, I held Elizabeth and she drank some water and ate a couple graham crackers. She still seemed sooo out of it.

FORTY minutes later, the nurse called and said she called back really quick since the notes said that Elizabeth was unresponsive. (I would hate to know how long it would have been had she not called back so quickly!) I again explained what had happened and she put me on hold to call the doctor on call. When she came back, she said that the doctor thought it sounded like she might have had a seizure.

A what now?

I decided to take Lizzie to the ER. The nurse had told us to go to Children's Hospital so I sat in the back with Liz and mom chauffeured us to Omaha. They did blood tests and an EKG, which came back normal, and they said they wanted her to get an EEG, which had to be scheduled later.

So this morning we went to Dr. B and got Lizzie checked out by her own doc. "Dr. B nice," says Lizzie. His nurse got her EEG scheduled for the first available appointment... September 21st! Now we wait.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back from Vegas!

We had such a great time in Las Vegas for our anniversary get away! I am surprised I survived a whole week being away from my baby! But if there is one place that has the power to distract, it is Vegas. Our days were packed with all kinds of fun stuff (which Nate didn't care for. His idea of a vacation is to nap all day. Yawn.)

We went to 5 different shows while we were there! My favorite was Blue Man Group! That show was incredible. I don't even know how to describe it. And they are so funny without even saying a word. Once when they went running into the crowd, one of the blue men came right up to me, about 2 feet away, and just stared at me. (We were in the front row of the second section, or the non-poncho section, way on the side) I was afraid to look at him! Nate nudged me and made me look at him. It was really weird!

My second favorite show, and Nate's favorite, was Defending the Caveman. Hilarious. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone in a relationship. You will relate! We even bought t-shirts. :)

We also went to Legends in Concert (with Donna Summers, Jay Leno, Elton John, Elvis, and Michael Jackson impersonators). That show was pretty good too. The Michael impersonator was spot on! And then there was the Tournament of Kings show and the Free Beer Improv Show, which was funny sometimes. The people IN the show were good, but they encourage audience participation, and that got pretty dumb.

Other than the shows, we spent our time walking, eating, walking, playing roulette, walking, swimming, walking, eating... did I mention walking? It was so fun just going into all these places and exploring. Roulette was fun until the night before we left when we lost $160 right off the bat. That part sucked. At one point we made a $40 bet on red at Bally's and lost. Then we walked across the street to Bellagio and made an $80 on black and WON!! (I hadn't even realized the dealer had spun the dang ball yet when it landed on black.
Nate had to say to me, "It landed on 33.... 33 is black.... we bet on black... Jenni, we won!"
Me: *blank stare* "...wait, we won?" Oh dear. :) That was exciting.

And here are a fraction of all the pictures I took in Vegas...

The cutest little luggage ever!
Reading a book to daddy before we left.

Cuddling with Mommy. I was able to put her to bed before we left for the air port. So sweet and so sad! I bet you can't even tell that I was crying. :(

We stayed at Bally's. I really, really liked it there. This is the people mover to get to the strip faster. I LOVED this thing except when it wasn't working! And I didn't care for the people who just stood on the people mover. Duh.

Nate and I waiting for a shuttle at Bellagio (I think). The views from the shuttle between Bellagio and Monte Carlo is AMAZING. Especially at night.

The view of the Eiffel Tower from our hotel room.

Part of our gigantic room. I really did love staying at Bally's and I would definitely stay there again.

The fancy bathroom part of the hotel room.

The only picture I was allowed to take of Blue Man Group was this poster. :( But the show was awesome!

My favorite part of Vegas. :)

I could see the Bellagio fountains from our hotel room!!!!!!

Nate and I in our room getting ready to go swimming.

An artist on Fremont Street in the middle of creating our painting! I want to say his name is Michael Fletcher? Not sure about that...

Sold... to us! I love our Vegas souvenir.

Nate and I in some random hallway we found in one of the hotels... I don't even remember where. All I remember is we laughed a lot.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kissy Monster

Elizabeth gives kisses now!! REAL kisses! It is the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful thing in the whole world. She kisses our cheeks and blows kisses. She kisses her favorite stuffed animals and toys and kisses us with her favorite stuffed animals and toys. When she kicked me and I said, "Elizabeth Renee, you do not kick your mommy!" all stern like, she kissed both of my lets to get out of trouble. It worked! Stinker.

When she falls down and bumps her head or bangs a knee, I ask her if she wants mommy to kiss it. Then she runs over and lowers her head or lifts her knee (or whatever body part got hurt) and puts her hands on both sides of my head to lead me to her owie. She is soo cute! And then we "shake it off." She wiggles her little self to shake all of the hurt off. Sometimes I can't stand how cute she is.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Booger

Whenever Lizzie spills some of her water or milk, she goes to find a towel to wipe it up. Well, a towel or something else that is even a little absorbent. A shirt, a sock, a diaper, etc.

She will also wipe her own nose and mouth with a kleenex. Today she dribbled a little when she was taking a drink of water from her sippy cup, so she ran over to the couch where she had left her kleenex from earlier and wiped her face off. The winter will hopefully be easier if she can wipe her own nose!

Also, sometimes when the little booger's nose is running (or maybe just itches?) she grabs my hand and wipes or rubs her nose of my finger. Ew... She's so cute. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A post from Gammie :)

My mom, Lizzie's Gammie (or "Gigi" as Lizzie calls her), wrote the following story down for us while she was watching the squid one night...

Today Lizzie did something that I thought was so cute and so smart. She had her shoes on and was trying to get her daddy's shoes on over her shoes. I had just washed my hands and they were still damp. I went to help steady her while she was trying to get the shoes on. I took hold of her arm and she stopped with the shoes and kind of fussed, looked at her arm, and clumped over, wearing one of daddy's shoes, to the towel drawer. Then she grabbed a towel and dried her arm off! It was hilarious.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We booked a trip!

Our third/eighth anniversary is coming up on the 21st and we have been going back and forth for months trying to decide how to celebrate. We have been trying to decide between a hotel room for a night at the local Embassy Suites to a 7 day Easten Caribbean Cruise on the amazing new Norwegian Epic ship and everything in between.

We decided on a Vegas trip! We are going in August so it won't be over our actual anniversary, but will still be amazing! We finally got everything booked and finalized today! I am super excited and already wondering how I am going to be away from my gorgeous little girl for so long. Eep!

I can't believe it has been 8 years since Nate and I started dating. We have definitely had our ups and downs, but we get through it together. I am one lucky girl. I love my husband!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Looks like I didn't keep up with the "Picture a Day" thing for very long! I believe I have a picture for every single day, I just didn't keep up with the posts! Maybe one of these days... :)

Life continues to be a little crazy around here with a toddler! While she was a little slow to start saying words (in English), she has more than made up for it. She talks a lot.

She is constantly talking about "mama an' daddy,"
she says GeGe for Gammie Dianne,
says Bee for binky and book,
says hi, bye bye, ball, dee (for drink),
happy, hat, shoe, Gabba (like I need to explain this one to other moms :),
says something that sounds like goo gir for good girl,
eee for eat, says UP when she wants up,
and a word that sounds a lot like UP when she wants help with something (like putting on her shoes, which she does by herself except for the buckles, or if she stepped on tape or something),
she says hawk and eye but not together yet - we are working on it! (Go Hawkeyes!),
she says bebe for baby and points to herself - I think I must have called her my baby a few times!
When I ask "Who is my favorite baby in the whole world?!?" she says, "MEEEE!" hehehe
She says Nana and Papa for Grandma Judy and Grandpa Rob,
says ball and ball-ball for football,
Etc etc etc. She is saying so many words lately I stopped trying to keep my list updated!

She will also point to some body parts when we ask her where they are. So far we have tummy, head, nose, baby feet, ears, teeth, knees, shoulders, bunnies, tongue, and eyes. She can also point to these things on a stuffed animal or doll. So cute!

Something that Lizzie has done for a while is a little thing that we like to call "Pound Dog." She fist bumps us with the sweetest, cutest little fist ever! Until recently, when we would try to give her a high five, she would push our fingers shut and hold her little fist out. So cute! Now she high fives with gusto.

She also does this super adorable thing where she likes to hold our hand (well, our finger) and lead us around. It is the sweetet thing ever. She has the cutest little hands! She also started doing this thing where she'll fall down or step up on something, and then will reach out for our hand and say "Up!" (help) so we can help her up or down. It is so cute because they are things that she so obviously doesn't need help with, but seeing her reaching out for her mommy's hand is one of the greatest feelings ever. <3

Also in the last few months, much to my excitement, Lizzie has been getting more and more affectionate. It - is - AWESOME. She gives eskimo kisses, which are amazing. And she will just run up and hug our legs. More recently she will just reach her little arms out to give us a hug. And she'll say "awwww" or "mmmm" while patting our backs during the hug. I love her so stinking much.

So to summarize, Lizzie is still really super duper amazing and sweet and wonderful, beautiful, ornery, a little weird, and still the best daughter in the whole world.

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14th, 2010 - Day 15

Here are several pictures of Elizabeth drinking out of my water bottle, which is almost as big as she is!
This face kills me. She is so cute!
This face also kills me, but for a different reason. =)

I love her smile. ♥

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13th, 2010 - Day 14

Here is my little girl wearing her daddy's shoes while sporting her super cool new monkey jammies. Right after this picture was taken, she folded AND put away that whole hamper of clothes! (A mom can dream, right?)

This is a picture of my sweet little girl sleeping like a weirdo. =)

I loooooove my video monitor!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12th, 2010 - Day 13

So I guess today wasn't a very good picture taking day for us. So here is today's picture. :)

This is Lizzie standing in front of the tv probably watching Nick Jr. but I can't really tell what it is. There is also a kitty on her shirt. When we would say, "Where is the kitty?" she would look down at her shirt and sometimes would say, "kitty!" So smart. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11th, 2010 - Day 12

I don't remember if I posted about it or not, but a couple months ago, Lizzie managed to get out of her crib. I was watching her on the monitor as Nate was on his way to go get her out. All of a sudden, she was gone! Nate opened her door right then and said, "whoa!" I was already scrambling out of bed and saying "Is she out?? Is she out??" When he opened the door, apparently she was standing beside her crib. What a punk!

I have been worried about this happening ever since the day she turned 9 months old and learned to pull herself up. The front of this crib seems sooo low, even though it is on the lowest setting. (We very recently discovered that it has been recalled for other reasons, so we'll be getting it replaced soon anyway.)

So this is a picture of our solution for her escaping! We turned the crib around so the higher, back side of the crib is facing out and the really low, front side is facing the wall. And then we put parts of her baby jail on each side to keep her from getting out there. So far it has kept her contained!

This was Lizzie this morning when we went in to get her. She plays this binky throwing game with us, where basically we fetch the binkys she throws out of the crib. We just laugh and laugh and laugh... She is pretty fun. ♥

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10th, 2010 - Day 11

Today was a rainy, stay-in-our-jammies kind of day. Here is my darling Elizabeth eating a graham cracker while in her jammies. Please note that the shoes over were her idea.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9th, 2010 - Day 10

It's is Mother's Day!!

The day started with Lizzie sleeping in until ten. TEN! It was awesome. Then we tried to get her to color me a pretty picture for my Mother's Day gift, but she mostly just hoarded the crayons and occasionally tried to eat them.

For supper, mom, dad, Joey, Michael, Grandma Connie and Grandpa Norm came over. Nate grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and sweet corn. Yummm... It is so nice spending time with family.

Even though Lizzie was still being a bit of a punk because of her teeth, I had a great day with my girl and my family. And now some pictures... =)

Nate thinks it is funny to put his socks on Lizzie. :) That is her masterpiece sitting in front of her. Nate turned it into my Mother's Day card from both of them.
I tried to get a decent picture of Lizzie and I today, but she wasn't very cooperative.
Lizzie and her Great-Grandpa Norm having a chat.

Lizzie playing with her Great-Grandma Connie. I'm not sure who enjoyed the toys more!

Poor kid hardly has a thing to play with.

I ♥ her

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8th, 2010 - Day 9

Today when Lizzie woke up, Nate brought her in to our bed to play. Her little "Hi" is the sweetest sound in the whole world. She was being so adorable and so sweet. I love her so much.
Oh, and she also woke up with the snotty nose that she usually gets while teething. I thought we had gotten away with not getting it with this tooth, but no such luck.
In this picture, Lizzie is being super cute while wearing no pants and one sock.

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7th, 2010 - Day 8

Today Nate and I got to go on a date while Gammie watched Lizard! (We went to Spaghetti Works and to see "Date Night" which was really quite funny!)

Lizzie is still feeling pretty crummy. :( She does okay after getting motrin or tylenol. And for the last few days she has been clinging like a monkey when she gets put down for her nap. Then she cries for anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes. I don't know why. :(
In this picture, Elizabeth looks so little just lounging on the couch. =)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6th, 2010 - Day 7

I've lasted for a week so far! =)

Today we went to get Lizzie's picture taken at Photos by Jacqueline from that prize that she won through that dumb newspaper contest. She wasn't very cooperative! Poor baby still wasn't feeling the greatest. Of course, all of the pictures are cute because they are of Lizzie, but I've just seen better from her! She did get one super duper precious picture that mom and I both ordered an enlargement of. Can't wait to get it back!

Also! Today mom was holding Lizzie on the couch and I was walking towards the kitchen and Lizzie waved at me and then said, "mama!" I turned around and said, "mama!" back to her and she said it again!! Freakin finally! ♥♥♥ It was music to this mama's ears!!

In this picture, Lizzie and Molly are having a heart to heart.