Saturday, February 23, 2008

Paranoia has kicked in

Its amazing how quickly all logical thought disappeared from my brain. I have been so scared that something bad is going to happen!

I keep taking pregnancy tests just to make sure I am still pregnant (stupid, I know). I also have been talking myself out of going to the emergency room (when I freak out at night) or to the doctor's office to get my HCG levels tested.

Today I took another pregnancy test while Nate and I were watching a movie. I was thrilled to see that the test line showed up before the urine even made its way across the strip! And it was so dark! It was almost a deep maroon, much darker than the control line. I kept going into the bathroom to look at it.

Obviously, I know its not a promise that every thing will be okay, but at least it makes me feel better today.

Only 9 days to go until my doctor appointment...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Was that so hard?

Today I agonized over which doctor to call. I was on the internet all morning researching doctors when I was supposed to be cleaning the house (oops). Then Nate picked me up for lunch and then we went to the office, where I was on the internet all afternoon researching doctors, when I was supposed to be working (oops).

A doctor that a few friends have been to also came highly recommended in the online community. I called and made an appointment. The receptionist was pretty clueless, so hopefully she was a fill in or new. She asked when my last period was. I told her and she said, "Well you are barely four weeks along... when do you want to come in?" I asked when the doctor normally starting seeing people. She said all grumpily, "Well its up to you. You are four weeks along, so when do you want to come in?" I said, "Look, I'm a little new at this. I DON'T KNOW." She put me on hold and came back, saying that the doctor usually sees new patients when they are 8 weeks. Ah, thank you. That's what I needed to hear. Was that so hard?? Shouldn't receptionists know this kind of information?

So my appointment is March 3rd at 4:00 pm. A little over two weeks away. I am so nervous and excited!

So here's what happened...

I still can't believe I'm pregnant! Which is probably resonable considering I JUST found out.

Nate went to bed earlier than I did on the 12th. I stayed up pretty late wondering if I should test or not. Finally around 2:30 am (technically the 13th!) I tested.

I set the pregnancy test down on the back of the toilet and watched it for a few seconds. It looked like it wasn't going anywhere good. I got up and walked around for a minute, pretty disappointed.

I walked back over to the toilet, totally expecting to see a negative. I did a triple take at the test. There were two lines! It was POSITIVE! I grabbed another test out of the cabinet and tested with it. This time my eyes were glued to it. Two lines showed up again!

I started crying and shaking and kept checking the test to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. I walked into our bedroom and Nate being the deep sleeper that he is, woke up right away. He said something like, "Hey babe. Love you." I sat on the bed next to him and said, "I think I'm pregnant." He sat up and smiled and hugged me. At some point he said something about having super sperm. What a romantic. :)

We eventually went to bed but I couldn't fall asleep until well after 4:00 am. Then Nate woke me up at 7:30 to take the First Response test. So I took the test and we sat on the floor of the bathroom and watched both lines show up. Positive!!

During the day I went shopping and found cute "I love Grandma" and "I love Grandpa" bibs. When we went to my parent's house that night, I gave my parents their gifts. I told them they were Christmas presents that I found in the closet that I had forgotten about. Complete with Christmas wrapping paper.

Mom got her's open first. She just looked at me and started crying! Then she hugged me as my dad got his opened. His eyes got all watery and he just said, "When?" I said, "We found out today!"

We went over to Nate's parent's house under the pretense of fixing her computer. While there, Nate threw a bag to his mom and said it's an early Valentine's Day gift for them. I got them a tiny little pair of booties. She opened it up and squealed and said, "ROB! Do you know what this MEANS?!?" That was funny. =)

Then we went to Nate's brother's house to tell him and my sister-in-law. I told them by saying, "We just wanted to let you know that Chloe is going to have a little cousin!" Jen loaned me a few baby name and pregnacy books and helped me look up doctor stuff. I love her. =)

Thursday, February 14, 2008