Saturday, July 10, 2010


Looks like I didn't keep up with the "Picture a Day" thing for very long! I believe I have a picture for every single day, I just didn't keep up with the posts! Maybe one of these days... :)

Life continues to be a little crazy around here with a toddler! While she was a little slow to start saying words (in English), she has more than made up for it. She talks a lot.

She is constantly talking about "mama an' daddy,"
she says GeGe for Gammie Dianne,
says Bee for binky and book,
says hi, bye bye, ball, dee (for drink),
happy, hat, shoe, Gabba (like I need to explain this one to other moms :),
says something that sounds like goo gir for good girl,
eee for eat, says UP when she wants up,
and a word that sounds a lot like UP when she wants help with something (like putting on her shoes, which she does by herself except for the buckles, or if she stepped on tape or something),
she says hawk and eye but not together yet - we are working on it! (Go Hawkeyes!),
she says bebe for baby and points to herself - I think I must have called her my baby a few times!
When I ask "Who is my favorite baby in the whole world?!?" she says, "MEEEE!" hehehe
She says Nana and Papa for Grandma Judy and Grandpa Rob,
says ball and ball-ball for football,
Etc etc etc. She is saying so many words lately I stopped trying to keep my list updated!

She will also point to some body parts when we ask her where they are. So far we have tummy, head, nose, baby feet, ears, teeth, knees, shoulders, bunnies, tongue, and eyes. She can also point to these things on a stuffed animal or doll. So cute!

Something that Lizzie has done for a while is a little thing that we like to call "Pound Dog." She fist bumps us with the sweetest, cutest little fist ever! Until recently, when we would try to give her a high five, she would push our fingers shut and hold her little fist out. So cute! Now she high fives with gusto.

She also does this super adorable thing where she likes to hold our hand (well, our finger) and lead us around. It is the sweetet thing ever. She has the cutest little hands! She also started doing this thing where she'll fall down or step up on something, and then will reach out for our hand and say "Up!" (help) so we can help her up or down. It is so cute because they are things that she so obviously doesn't need help with, but seeing her reaching out for her mommy's hand is one of the greatest feelings ever. <3

Also in the last few months, much to my excitement, Lizzie has been getting more and more affectionate. It - is - AWESOME. She gives eskimo kisses, which are amazing. And she will just run up and hug our legs. More recently she will just reach her little arms out to give us a hug. And she'll say "awwww" or "mmmm" while patting our backs during the hug. I love her so stinking much.

So to summarize, Lizzie is still really super duper amazing and sweet and wonderful, beautiful, ornery, a little weird, and still the best daughter in the whole world.

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