Monday, December 29, 2008

A visit to the doctor

Well, these last few days have been fun. Elizabeth takes after her mom in that she can't sleep on her back. Which means that none of us are getting any sleep.

On Friday, we didn't put Lizzie down at all. I was terrified to leave her in her crib. Mom stayed the night with us and we took shifts getting up to sooth her and put her pacifier back in.

Elizabeth's regular pediatrician is out of town, so we made an appointment with another one. He put Lizzie on a medication for reflux (Zantac) and prescribed an apnea monitor and said she should stay the night one night in the hospital for a sleep study.

Then someone from Children's Hospital brought the apnea monitor to our house and showed us how to use it. It involves putting sensors on Lizzie's sides under her arm pits and a band that goes around her chest to hold them on, with wires hanging down that plug into the monitor. He said that she should wear it 23 hours/day unless we hear differently from the doctor. So I called his office and was really surprised when he got on the phone himself! (One of the reasons we didn't go to this doc in the first place is because his office is so busy.) He said that right now she only needs to wear the monitor when she is sleeping away from supervision. So basically at night. If she has another "episode" however, she'll have to start wearing it 23 hours/day.

All I have to say is she better not have another "episode!" She is already soooo grounded.

Meanwhile, to make our week a little more fun, Nate had to get emergency surgery tonight. Last night he started complaining of a stomach ache. It kept getting worse throughout the night and today. He spent most of Lizzie's appointment in the bathroom throwing up. Turns out he had appendicitis. He's out of surgery now and is doing well.

Here's to no medical emergencies in 2009!

Thank You, God

Around 6:00 am Friday morning, Elizabeth's motion monitor (AngelCare) alarm went off. Before I really knew what was happening, Nate was already running to her room.

I immediately followed him, and by the time I got in there, he had already flipped her over (yeah, she used to sleep on her stomach) was shaking her and yelling, "Baby! Baby!" and "She's not breathing!" No response. He kept shaking her and yelling, "Baby!"

I ran over to flip the light on. I ran back to the crib and realized the light still wasn't on. So I ran back and flipped the light on. I realized later that I probably opened her door the first time. Apparently I wasn't thinking straight or something.

In the meantime, Nate was still yelling and shaking her. He breathed into her mouth. Nothing. He breathed into her mouth a second time. I reached out and did about five chest compressions. Then she finally started squirming. Wow.

This whole ordeal from her alarm going off to her coming to was probably about 20 seconds. It felt like an eternity. I have never been more scared of anything in my entire life. She was pretty out of it for a while. Nate picked her up first and held her. I was shaking too bad. She was squirmy and wiggling around, but didn't cry for a while. I think I sat down before Nate gave her to me, but I'm not sure.

I fed her and changed her diaper and clothes, just wanting to keep her awake. She wanted to go back to sleep so bad, but I was way too scared to let her. She had a really weak cry for about 5 seconds. Boy was that a beautiful sound.

The on call nurse told us to go to the ER since Elizabeth wasn't breathing for over 30 seconds. They did all kinds of tests on her - chest x-rays, blood sugar, oxygen, complete blood screen, etc. They couldn't find anything wrong. Everything was perfect. By the way, she did NOT like getting her foot poked for the blood tests or getting her temperature taken. She let out some good loud healthy cries, which were heartbreaking and wonderful to hear.

I thank God that she's okay and for the AngelCare monitor. The ER doctor told us this would have been a classic case of SIDS and that this monitor is the best money we've ever spent. It makes me nauseous to imagine what we would have woken up to in the morning if we didn't have that monitor.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Two month check up

Elizabeth had her 2 month check up today! She was weighed and measured first - she weighs 11 lbs. 3 oz. and 23 1/4 inches long according to the nurse. Although when we measured the same lines she did, Lizzie was only 22 1/2 inches long. Hmm... Then the doctor came in and checked her over. He said that she's wonderful from head to toe. I agree!

And then the mean nurse came in to give her shots. =( I stayed up by her head and the nurse said to keep my hands up because she goes fast and doesn't want to poke me. And she did give the shots (two in the right let, one in the left) really fast.

My poor baby. She SCREAMED. Like I've never heard her scream before. It was so horrible. She kept crying when I picked her up and even when I nursed her. She would drink a little and then start screaming again. My poor little girl. After she calmed down, she slept a lot for the rest of the day.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Elizabeth's baptism!

Elizabeth was baptized yesterday! She was a perfect angel during the whole thing. Didn't cry at all. Such a good girl.

Today is also Elizabeth's 2 month birthday! Here's my favorite picture from our photo shoot today:

Friday, December 12, 2008

A beautiful sound

Elizabeth laughed yesterday! Her laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. Mom is the one who got her to laugh for the first time. She was holding Lizzie in the living room and I was in another room when I heard mom say, "Jenni! Jenni! She's laughing!" I came running, and sure enough, she was laughing! So amazingly cute.

Oh, I'm sure it was a fluke, but Elizabeth also rolled over the other day! She was laying in her crib on her tummy. She just started lifting her head straight up to look in front of her that day (at least that we saw). I went in to check on her and she was half rolled over! Like she had toppled over when lifting her head up. But her legs were still flat on the mattress. I went back in a few minutes later and she was on her back!

So many milestones in the last couple days! =)

8 weeks, 2 days

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not all firsts are fun

Well, Elizabeth has her first cold. Her nose is all stuffed up and she's coughing and sneezing. My poor baby. Nate and I are also sick. My nose is running like a faucet and I keep coughing and sneezing as well, which makes it extremely difficult to put a baby to sleep!

In other news, Elizabeth is getting baptised this weekend! We finally got it scheduled. It's December 14th, on my mom's birthday! Its at the church where we got married.

I just hope we all feel better by then!

7 weeks, 6 days

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am such a bad mom

I locked my kid in my car last night. My poor little precious baby. I started my car while sitting at the table with my family at Cracker Barrel. Apparently it was about 15 minutes later when mom, Lizzie, and I were leaving to get gas.

I put Lizzie in the car and tossed my keys over the seat like I typically do. SO stupid, I know. I shut the door at the exact same freakin time that the engine shut off and the doors locked. Mom was actually reaching for the door handle!

She said, "Jenni, open the door..." I said, "Mom, I CAN'T. Its LOCKED!" We just looked at each other and then we both freaked out. She ran inside and got my dad and I called Nate to ask how fast he could get to Cracker Barrel with the spare key. He said he could get there fast, but he'd have to run to his office to get his car. So dad took off to our house to pick up Nate and the key. While he was gone, another customer and the manager kept trying to unlock the door.

The car was pretty warm when I put Lizzie in it - Thank God. And she was asleep for a little while. But then she woke up. I stood there at the window staring at her, begging her not to. But she did, and she started crying. I ached to get to her. I wanted to break the damn window so I could hold her. It hurt so bad seeing her crying so hard and not being able to pick her up and comfort her.

When dad and Nate were about 2-3 minutes away, the guys stopped trying to get in to my car. I was on the phone with Nate the entire time they were on their way back. Once they were about about a minute away, Nate kept hitting the unlock button. When I finally heard the doors click, I flung the door open and said, "It's unlocked!" Apparently I threw my phone. Nate said he could hear stuff going on and there were buttons being pressed.

Mom and I jumped into the back seat and comforted my baby. I was crying and kept telling her sorry. My poor baby girl.

When we got home, I just held her and rocked her for a really long time. I think she's over it already, but I'm not!

7 1/2 weeks