Sunday, February 22, 2009

We have a foot eater!

Well, ELizabeth's "bend" is doing a lot better. Still not totally repaired, but doing better than it was! She is letting us bend her legs or even sit her down on our laps a lot more. Yay!

And the girl has definitely found her feet! Even when she's not getting her diaper changed, she's now pulling them up and chewing on them! So cute!

A few mornings ago, I heard this strange banging sound coming from the monitor. Nate went in to check it out. The noise was her kicking this dog toy that hangs on the bottom of her crib. She has scooted all the way down to the bottom of the crib! She did it twice that morning and several times since. She thought she was sooo funny!

4 months, 1 week

Friday, February 20, 2009


Apparently I have a little shrimp for a daughter. I weighed myself and then weighed myself with her, and the difference was only 11 lbs. I got the same answer several times. Then I got 11.6 lbs several times. I know its not the most accurate way to weigh, but she's somewhere around there.

So why isn't she gaining weight?? She weighed almost 12 lbs a month ago. She's gaining inches though. She's approx 24" long. So she's tall and skinny!

She's also doing this thing where she won't sit or bend her legs. She'll just be stick straight. Nate says that her bend is broken. And she's been spitting up a lot more lately. Not large amounts, but more frequently. She also looks like she's always chewing on something in her mouth. So all this on top of a little extra fussiness makes me wonder if her reflux is getting worse.

So good thing her appointment is on Feb 23rd. Oh, oops, no its not. Stupid me called and changed it to March 6th because I didn't want to be alone when she got her shots. That was before I realized how much she weighs and before the extra spit up and broken bend. I tried to get her appointment back but no such luck. So we're going to keep calling and hope for a cancellation. Otherwise we have to wait almost 2 more weeks. =(

4 months, 5 days

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Four months old... wow

Today my precious, gorgeous daughter turned 4 months old! It occurred to me the other day that she is no longer a newborn. Hasn't been for a while. She is getting so big! Or at least so old. She's actually still pretty tiny.

My birthday was 2 days ago. Which is also the one year anniversary of when I found out that I was expecting. What a difference a year makes! Its so hard to believe it was only a year ago, though. And now I have this beautiful baby girl sleeping in the next room. Wow.

My birthday was also the first time that Elizabeth spent the night somewhere. She went to stay with my parents for the night. Nate had some convincing to do in order for me to agree to this! I missed her sooo much!

And just a quick cute little milestone: Lizzie is starting to find her feet! In the last few days, mostly during diaper changes, she'll hold on to a foot and try to suck on it. Sooo cute! She is starting the "put everything in my mouth" phase. Oh joy. =)

4 months! (17 1/2 weeks)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vegas Baby!

We just got back home from Las Vegas today! Lizzie and I have been there, along with my parents and little brother, since last Monday. She fussed a few times, but otherwise did well on the flights. We had a layover on the way there and on the way back. She slept for the first flight on the way there and back, and then just looked around for the second flights. I fed her during takeoff and landing to help her ears.

So we checked out a lot of the sites. We watched the Fountains at Bellagio, the volcano at the Mirage, saw the show at Treasure Island, walked through a lot of the casinos (New York, New York, MGM, Venetian, Caesar's Palace, etc.) and walked up and down the strip many times. The stroller certainly got some miles put on it! Also, the Baby Hawk certainly was worth the money! We would have been screwed without it.

I got SO MANY comments about Elizabeth. Practically every one we passed stopped us and complimented Lizzie - how beautiful she is, how big her eyes are, how blue her eyes are, how long her eye lashes, etc. It was almost more than my mommy ego could take! Although I do have to agree with everyone. =)

Mommy and Lizzie checking out the Strip

Mommy and Lizzie again, in front of the Bellagio

At the Rainforest Cafe

This is the morning we were heading home. She woke up and was being so cute and playful in the crib for a really long time, actually allowing us to get ready to leave!