Friday, August 9, 2013

Anna updates!

Where did the time go?! Anna will be ONE in A MONTH!

I have totally failed at keeping this thing up to date. I am too busy chasing around these pretty girls, I guess!
Anyway, Anna turned 11 months old today! She is getting way too big. We started trying to teach her to raise her arms when we ask her how big she is. As in, "Soooo big!" She will sometimes raise her arms up and flap them around like a bird. It is a start!

My little girl is still pretty little. She weighs about 16 lbs, which I believe is how much her big sis weighed at 11 months. But Anna seems to have a little bit more baby chub on her legs. Not much though!

Anna LOVES eating. Loves it. She eats anything I put in front of her. She eats the fruit and veggie purees I make for her and also little finger foods. She also loves her puffs and yogurt bites. I wonder how long this non-picky thing will last...
ALSO! She finally got a tooth! Like, today! It finally poked through! It looks like there are a couple more that are going to poke through soon too. Eleven months old and girlfriend got herself a fancy new tooth! This might explain her HORRIBLE sleep habits the last few nights. Which brings me to...

Anna hates sleep. Or at least hates having a decent amount of consecutive hours of sleep. We thought Elizabeth was a terrible sleeper! I can count on one hand the number of times she has slept through the night. (I can probably count them on 3 fingers.) At least Lizzie would have a few weeks here and there where she would sleep all night.

Anna still wakes up around every 3 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less. The last few nights, there were times where she would wake up every half hour. The only real change is the time that she sleeps. We went through a stage where she wouldn't go to sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning. That one was rough. Then for a while it was between 12 and 1 AM. Right now, for the most part, she goes to sleep between 10:30 and 11:30, which is so significantly better. The time is coming soon where she will get "sleep trained." I'm already dreading it.

Anna is still nursing, which I am super proud of. My goal is a year, just like with Elizabeth, and we are almost there!! I ended up nursing for 14 months (and one day) with Liz, so we'll see how long I can go this time. I am worried about my supply though. The tricky thing with breastfeeding is you have no idea how much they are actually getting. Also, since Anna never sleeps, I haven't been able to get an extra pumping session in the middle of the night to build up my freezer stash. So my "stash," which is in quotes because it can't really be called a stash, is about 4 bottles worth. Not good!

I think she's getting pretty close to walking. Not tomorrow or anything, but soon-ish. She can stand for several seconds at a time, then will slowly sit down (or sometimes plop on her butt).  She walks around as long as she is holding on to something, like the couch or my fingers.

I think Anna's favorite game lately is fetch. She throws something, we fetch it. It is hilarious! For now, anyway. Even if I'm not handing her something, sometimes she'll reach for whatever is in my hand(for example, her binky), and then throw it on the floor.

OH, and she also sticks her tongue out now when I do!  It is super hilarious. 

Since I have been such a failure at updating this thing, here is a list of random "Anna Firsts" that I have stored on a note in my phone. Hey, at least I did that!

  • At 3 weeks 5 days, she smiled! 
  • At 8 weeks, she giggled.  Such a beautiful sound!
  • November 10th - 2 months old - she rolled over from stomach to back
  • January 1st - 3.5 months - she found her feet! Love this.
  • At 4 months old, she cried when I leave the room.  Don't love this so much.  But I do a little bit.  She's a mama's girl. :)
  • January 26th - 4.5 months - she rolled over from back to stomach
  • March 3rd - almost 6 months - ate baby food (baby oatmeal) for the first time!
  • 7 months old - rolled everywhere!  She could roll across any room.  Also, she could sit up unassisted, but tipped easily.
  • 7.5 months - Pulled herself up to sitting position all by her little self.
  • Around 8 months - she pulled herself up to her knees
  • Also at 8 months, she started waving bye bye! Sort of.
  • At 8.5 months, she pulled herself up to her feet!  She also began crawling on May 25th!  Look out world.
  • At 9 months old, she started saying "Bup!" all the time.  Love love love it.
  • 9.5 months - she started dancing!!  Also, she started giving high fives. So cute.
  • July 19th - 10 months - she stood up on her own for 2-3 seconds at a time. 
LOVE this little girl!!!