Sunday, September 26, 2010

The results are in!

Elizabeth's EEG results came back NORMAL!!!!!

We took her to Children's Hospital on Tuesday for her EEG. We were advised to keep her up late and get her up early. I thought maybe a half hour or so would due the trick. But THEN the nurse said to keep her up until midnight and get her up at 6:00! What the what? Also, NO NAP! Crazy people.

So my poor over tired baby girl had to endure these really nice ladies coloring on her head and putting "stickers" all over the place. She actually did way better than I thought she would, but she still cried a lot. =( They brought out a little DVD player and stuck in Finding Nemo, so that distracted her sometimes. After they were done putting the little electrodes all over my defenseless little baby, they wrapped gauze all around her head. It was so sad to see my precious baby like that!

Then they shut the lights off and I cuddled up next to her. They needed her to sleep for at least 10 minutes for the test to get accurate readings. After just a couple of minutes, she was out. She was still doing the little gasps that she does after she cries a lot, but she was sleeping!

So Friday morning Nate called the doctor to see if the results were in yet for the EEG or for the stool sample that we took in last week. (By the way, yuck). Then later in the afternoon, when we still hadn't gotten a call, I called again. Yes, we are those parents. I did not want to wait all weekend for these results when they were mostly likely sitting on his desk.

The nurse started talking about how the call slip is in his pile of people to call "and the results for the EEG are here and they came back normal but the stool sample hasn't come back yet, hopefully we'll get it-"
I interupted her to say, "Wait, WHAT? The EEG came back normal??"
Nurse: "Yes it did, but the stool sample results will hopefully be back tomorrow..."

Obviously she cared deeply for those poop results (which also came back normal, by the way.)

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