Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Dance Class

A friend told me about a toddler dance class at one of the local dance studios in town so I immediately signed Lizzie up. (By "immediately," I mean that I called two days before it started to make sure there were still openings...)

So off we go to dance class. On the way, there was a song on the radio about when your babies grow up and leave the house. I got misty eyed thinking about my baby leaving me one day and because this is my little girl's very first dance class and I don't want her to grow up too fast but I am so excited to see her grow up and learn new things and become a contributing member of society... but right now she is my little girl and we are on our way to her very first dance class. (By the way, how exactly did she get old enough to go to a dance class??)

Then she ruined the whole day for me.

The dance class itself was actually pretty fun. Lizzie was super cute doing all of the little dance moves. She shook her wiggles out and jumped and marched and chasséd and skipped with the best of 'em. Well, she tried at skipping. And chasséing. We sang and danced to "If You Are Happy and You Know It" and a song about going in a villiage. She rang a bell up high and down low and in a circle. And then she refused to go through the tunnel even though she has a tunnel at home and goes in it all. the. time. But whatever.

After the class though, my daughter became... I'd rather not say possessed, but I am lacking a better word. Okay... naughty. Super naughty. Extremely, super naughty. She freaked out. She decided that right then and there, in front of 25 other moms and kids, that she wanted to prove that I am a terrible mom and that she is a big jerk. Kidding. Kind of.

I was so humiliated. She wouldn't let me put her boots or her coat on. She screamed and tried running away and then would go all limp noodle on me when I caught her. She even tried hitting me in my face! What the what?? If it wasn't 3° outside, I would have just picked her up and walked outside. But no. I wanted her to be warm.

There are seven more dance classes. I'm not so sure that we'll make it to the next one.

She is soooo lucky she is cute.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Why do I stall?

Nate goes to bed earlier than I do almost every night. All of a sudden I think that I must watch this show that has been on my DVR for four months tonight. Or finish a sewing project, or a scrapbook page, etc...

After the show is over, I shut all the lights off and get ready for bed, brush my teeth, wash my face. I walk into the office to shut my computer off... but I might as well check my email real quick before I go to bed. Oh there's a good sale at that store, maybe we'll have to check that out tomorrow... and pictures are only 7 cents at that website right now! I'll just select the pictures I want to print real quick... Okay, back to email. Well. That email is annoying. I definitely don't know what to do about that one... I should probably stare into space for 5 minutes while I think about what to do about it. Nope, nothing. I suppose that email can wait until tomorrow. Finally I shut the computer down.

I turn around to shut off the lamp over my puzzle table, and think, wouldn't it be nice if I could get just one puzzle piece before I go to bed? Eleven puzzle pieces later, I shut the lamp off. Then I think I spot a piece I've been looking for! Lamp goes back on. Yep, it's the one! Five pieces later, lamp goes back off.

Then I go crawl into bed, hoping I don't wake Nate up so he can say, "What time is it? Wow, you aren't going to get much sleep tonight."

Thanks for that.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Baby

This is pretty much an update to this post.

My kid is emotional. She has always, even as a little baby, flipped emotions in a matter of a second. It has always been a source of amusement in our family, how she can go from laughing to crying or crying to laughing in 2 seconds flat.

It is hilarious how she can compose herself when she is a "sad baby."

Lately she has been throwing these little tantrums where she screams and cries and carries on. When this happens, I tell her, "Go to your room and find a happy face." She will usually run back to her room and look in the mirror by her crib.

The first time I said this to her, I showed her where to go to find her happy face. The second time I told her this, she took off down the hall. I snuck back to her room and saw her making faces at herself in the mirror. She spotted me pretty quick and started laughing. Now when I tell her this, she runs down the hall and runs back a moment later with a huge smile, saying, "Mommy, baby happy now!"

Also, she'll sometimes cross her arms and scrunch up her face and say, "Baby so mad." This is a far cuter way to express those feelings, girlfriend. It is even cuter when she pretends to be mad and can't hold back her smile!