Friday, January 22, 2010

Fifteen Months!

Elizabeth turned 15 months old last Friday and had her check up today. I hate hate HATE when she has to get shots! But these were the last ones until she's FIVE!!! Not counting the annual flu shot and the Hep A shot whenever we decide to do that. But other than that... FIVE!

She is such a big girl now because she was weighed fully clothed on the big girl scale! She weighed around 22 lbs - which is about the 35th percentile!! That is a huge improvement from being under the 3rd percentile not so very long ago! I am so proud of her for gaining some chub. And she was about 30.5" long. She's grown a little over 10" in 15 months. What a good girl! =)

Doc said everything looks good. She's not really talking yet (well, using real words anyway - she "talks" a ton) but he's not concerned. Said we'll see how she's doing at 18 months. At her 12 month check up, she sat on my lap and let him look her over without so much as a fuss. Today however, she wasn't as easy going. She cried and squirmed and tried to get down and run away. Little punk.

As far as everything else that's going on with my little Lizard, she's doing wonderful. She finally got her two front teeth. One came in on New Year's Eve and the other came in a week or so later. I have the exact dates in her baby book. So now she has four teeth! And oh boy does she grind those teeth. Wow. Funny thing though is that it drives her daddy way more crazy than it does her mom. hahahahaha....

She is still doing really good with putting herself to sleep. Naptimes are getting a little weird. I think she's transitioning to one nap a day instead of two. But then the last few days she's taken two naps (although not as long as usual) so I don't know what she's doing. She is also sleeping in a little later (Thank You God!), waking up anywhere from 7:30 - 8:45 am! Sooooo much better than 6:30!!