Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Trip to Colorado

We got back from another exciting, fun filled vacation to visit our family in Colorado! The pictures pretty much explain everything we did and how much fun we had. :)

Elizabeth being all cute on the drive out there. You know, the 9 hour drive that she only slept 20 minutes of.

Lizzie loving playing in the water at this pretty garden place.

Playing in the water again.

Elizabeth and "Campa" getting some quality snuggle time.

Elizabeth at the ranch, wearing the cutest little riding helmet, while wearing Kourt's John Deere shirt (which we accidnetly stole... sorry Kourt!) and playing on Kourt's phone.

Tradional family photo at the Budweiser Factory

Elizabeth playing a beautiful ballad. (Good thing this is just a picture and not a video.)

Helping Aunt Kristal in the yard

She loved collecting pine cones! She even brought some home with her.

Chilling in the comfy chair and watching some Yo Gabba Gabba. Life is good. :) Also, her legs are so dang cute.

Where'd the baby go?!

My little girl on the way home. Where she stayed awake for the whole 9 hour drive.

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