Monday, December 3, 2012

A glimpse into life with an infant

I glanced at the clock and saw that Anna and I would have to leave in a couple minutes to go pick up Elizabeth from preschool.  No problem, since Anna was still sleeping in her car seat from when we dropped Liz off at preschool a couple of hours earlier. 

I should have known better!  Anna decided now was a good time to wake up and insist on eating.  Okay, fine, I'll give her a quick snack, but we have to leave SOON.

So while eating, she pooped.  Of course she did.

She finished eating and I laid her down to change her, knowing full well that she was most likely not finished filling her pants.  While reaching for another wipe.... she pooped again.  All over her clothes. 

I tried my best to get the clothes off of her without spreading poop everywhere.  Then ran back to her room to get clean clothes.  When I got back, I started putting the clothes on only to realize she had spit up and it was all over the back of her head.  At this point, I just laughed.  The laugh-so-you-don't-cry kind of laugh.

I cleaned that up and wiped her off the best I could and got her dressed, stuff her back into her car seat, and we ran out the door.

And guess what?  We STILL weren't the last ones picking up a preschooler!