Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kissy Monster

Elizabeth gives kisses now!! REAL kisses! It is the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful thing in the whole world. She kisses our cheeks and blows kisses. She kisses her favorite stuffed animals and toys and kisses us with her favorite stuffed animals and toys. When she kicked me and I said, "Elizabeth Renee, you do not kick your mommy!" all stern like, she kissed both of my lets to get out of trouble. It worked! Stinker.

When she falls down and bumps her head or bangs a knee, I ask her if she wants mommy to kiss it. Then she runs over and lowers her head or lifts her knee (or whatever body part got hurt) and puts her hands on both sides of my head to lead me to her owie. She is soo cute! And then we "shake it off." She wiggles her little self to shake all of the hurt off. Sometimes I can't stand how cute she is.

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