Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sad baby!

When Elizabeth gets told no or she gets pulled out of something that she wants to be in, and pretty much whenever she doesn't get her way, sometimes she'll start crying and run over to me saying, "Baby sad!"

When she does this, we'll say, "Are you a happy baby?" and she'll make this funny face like she's pursing her lips and sucking air in while she composes herself. It is so funny! Then all of a sudden she's a smiling happy baby with wet cheeks. =)

Also, sometimes whens he is in a grumpy mood or upset about something, she will run back in to the room all of a sudden, with a huge smile on her face, saying "Baby HAPPY!" Yay! ♥

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Slappy Slappy Blue Ball

Whenever Daddy walks in the door after work, Lizzie starts saying, "Slappy slappy blue ball, Daddy!!" over and over again. Which pretty much means she wants to go downstairs to play. Slappy slappy blue ball is a game Lizzie and her daddy made up and play downstairs where they slap my big, blue yoga ball. Weirdos!

She will also start looking for her shoes and wanting to go outside as soon as her daddy walks in the door. She loves going outside. LOVES IT. Even when it is cold and I am out there shivering, she does not care. She just wants to be outside!

Today when Nate walked in, Lizzie started yelling, "Daddy! Slappy slappy blue ball! Walk outside! Shoes! Jacket! Daddy!" Whoa baby! He didn't know which way to turn! They are outside playing right now. =)