Monday, December 29, 2008

A visit to the doctor

Well, these last few days have been fun. Elizabeth takes after her mom in that she can't sleep on her back. Which means that none of us are getting any sleep.

On Friday, we didn't put Lizzie down at all. I was terrified to leave her in her crib. Mom stayed the night with us and we took shifts getting up to sooth her and put her pacifier back in.

Elizabeth's regular pediatrician is out of town, so we made an appointment with another one. He put Lizzie on a medication for reflux (Zantac) and prescribed an apnea monitor and said she should stay the night one night in the hospital for a sleep study.

Then someone from Children's Hospital brought the apnea monitor to our house and showed us how to use it. It involves putting sensors on Lizzie's sides under her arm pits and a band that goes around her chest to hold them on, with wires hanging down that plug into the monitor. He said that she should wear it 23 hours/day unless we hear differently from the doctor. So I called his office and was really surprised when he got on the phone himself! (One of the reasons we didn't go to this doc in the first place is because his office is so busy.) He said that right now she only needs to wear the monitor when she is sleeping away from supervision. So basically at night. If she has another "episode" however, she'll have to start wearing it 23 hours/day.

All I have to say is she better not have another "episode!" She is already soooo grounded.

Meanwhile, to make our week a little more fun, Nate had to get emergency surgery tonight. Last night he started complaining of a stomach ache. It kept getting worse throughout the night and today. He spent most of Lizzie's appointment in the bathroom throwing up. Turns out he had appendicitis. He's out of surgery now and is doing well.

Here's to no medical emergencies in 2009!

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