Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am such a bad mom

I locked my kid in my car last night. My poor little precious baby. I started my car while sitting at the table with my family at Cracker Barrel. Apparently it was about 15 minutes later when mom, Lizzie, and I were leaving to get gas.

I put Lizzie in the car and tossed my keys over the seat like I typically do. SO stupid, I know. I shut the door at the exact same freakin time that the engine shut off and the doors locked. Mom was actually reaching for the door handle!

She said, "Jenni, open the door..." I said, "Mom, I CAN'T. Its LOCKED!" We just looked at each other and then we both freaked out. She ran inside and got my dad and I called Nate to ask how fast he could get to Cracker Barrel with the spare key. He said he could get there fast, but he'd have to run to his office to get his car. So dad took off to our house to pick up Nate and the key. While he was gone, another customer and the manager kept trying to unlock the door.

The car was pretty warm when I put Lizzie in it - Thank God. And she was asleep for a little while. But then she woke up. I stood there at the window staring at her, begging her not to. But she did, and she started crying. I ached to get to her. I wanted to break the damn window so I could hold her. It hurt so bad seeing her crying so hard and not being able to pick her up and comfort her.

When dad and Nate were about 2-3 minutes away, the guys stopped trying to get in to my car. I was on the phone with Nate the entire time they were on their way back. Once they were about about a minute away, Nate kept hitting the unlock button. When I finally heard the doors click, I flung the door open and said, "It's unlocked!" Apparently I threw my phone. Nate said he could hear stuff going on and there were buttons being pressed.

Mom and I jumped into the back seat and comforted my baby. I was crying and kept telling her sorry. My poor baby girl.

When we got home, I just held her and rocked her for a really long time. I think she's over it already, but I'm not!

7 1/2 weeks

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