Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, we have started Elizabeth's 1st New Year! She's very excited, I can tell.

Thursday night (Jan 1st), Lizzie slept ALL NIGHT. And all morning and part of the afternoon. She fell asleep around 12:30 am and she slept until 2:30 in the afternoon! Well, I shouldn't say she slept that whole time, but she was able to self sooth and fall back to sleep on her own every time. Finally once when she was stirring, I picked her up to feed her before she could fall asleep again!

One of the times I checked on her, she was half awake. She gave me this huge smile and then sucked on her finger for a few seconds. She's so dang cute.

Oh, and another time I checked on her, she had her arm out of her sleeper. Not just out of her swaddle, but out of neck hole in her sleeper! I have no idea how she did that! I put her arm back in the sleeper and reswaddled her and she feel right back to sleep. Silly girl.

11 weeks, 5 days

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