Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lovey = Binkys?

Elizabeth has never really latched onto any traditional type of lovey. She doesn't have any stuffed animal she carries around or a blanket that she's particularly attached to. She does, however, LOVE her binkys. She'll have one in her mouth and be carrying anywhere from 1-3 binkys around with her. She'll switch them out too. She'll pop one out and stick a different one in. We call this "The Binky Exchange." Some binkys are more for just carrying around though. The Nuk 6+ months binks make her gag, so she still uses the 0+ months ones to suck on, then just carries the other ones around. Same with her Hawkeye binkys her dad got for her when I was pregnant. When we put her to bed, we make sure to have at least 2 binkys ready, one for her mouth, and one to hang on to. The whole time we are reading her bedtime stories, she is switching the binkys back and forth.

This was taken shortly after Liz started walking. Its a little hard to see, but here she is with a bink in her mouth and one in her right hand.
Lizzie's 1st ride in her big girl car seat holding on to her Hawkeye binky

Another shot of Lizzie with her loves
Trying to get Christmas pictures taken with the binks. I had to bribe her with puffs and then sneakily hide the binkys.

By the way, even though it might look like it from these pictures, she doesn't always have a binky in her mouth! She IS capable of playing perfectly happy without any binkys. And she also loves putting the binks in a cup and carrying the cup around. I am dreading the day that we have to take these things away from her.

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