Sunday, December 13, 2009


Elizabeth has been doing AWESOME at the whole putting herself to sleep thing. It just amazes me! Now when we lay her down in the crib, she won't even make a peep. She'll turn over onto her tummy and go to sleep! Okay, about 95% of the time she does this. There are a few exceptions where she'll stand up and fuss before she lays down and goes to sleep. But that is so rare. I am so proud of my baby girl!!

This morning Elizabeth came up to me with a binky in her mouth and one in her hand. She climbed into my lap and just cuddled, so I knew it must be nap time. I took her to our rocking chair to read her a couple stories, but she just stayed laying on my shoulder instead of turning around to look at the books. It was sooo wonderful. She is the best cuddler in the whole world. The only time she'll cuddle for more than 2.5 seconds at a time is right before bed/nap time and right after she wakes up. Normally she is a girl on the go. She's got things to do, doggy water dishes to explore. So when she is in the cuddly mood, I take advantage. My baby girl and I sit and snuggle until eventually, she'll get down and start playing with her toys.

I don't think I ever did an official post when Lizzie started walking, sooo...


Okay, she's been walking for a while, I just feel bad that I haven't written about it yet. :) She started taking several steps around her birthday, and right after that started walking half way across rooms. Then she would drop to her hands and knees and crawl because that was faster. By 12.5 months, she was walking more than she was crawling. She'd crawl a little bit then stand up and off she went. And now she's practically running. It is SO CUTE seeing this tiny little short person walking around like a "growed up." She's getting so stinking big!

OH, and she still only has two teeth. FOURTEEN MONTHS old and still only has the two bottom teeth! I'm pretty sure there are more teeth in there! She fools us often and we think she's teething only for no teeth to ever appear. However... we are cautiously optimistic this time! ;) I just checked her gums the other day and thought I saw some white there, but then later I couldn't see it, so I thought she'd gotten me again! Trickster. But last night when Nate was brushing her 2 teeth, he got a good look at her gums. He saw white! I tried to see but she wouldn't let me, so she got her teeth brushed again! HA. White! Definitely! So we'll see how long it takes for those little stinkers to actually poke through. Hopefully not too long! Fingers crossed...

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