Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nap time

Right now Lizzie is FINALLY down for her afternoon nap. The little brat just kept giggling and giggling! When I was feeding her before her nap, I decided I would pretend that I was going to eat her foot. She thought I was hilarious! She laughed so much that she got the hiccups. So then every time she hiccuped, I said, "Hiccup!" and she would laugh harder. I'm so mean. I'm not sure how much she got to drink since she was laughing so much. Oops. (Watching her nurse and giggle at the same time is soooo cute, by the way.) So after all of our fun, she just didn't want to go to bed. So THEN the little monster just played in her crib for a while until she was ready for naptime. Then we cuddled until she fell asleep.

I love that little girl so much.

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