Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The girl hates sleep!

Which really stinks, because her father and I LOVE sleep. Every once in a while, she'll tease us with sleeping all night, or at least a really large portion of the night. Then it is right back to getting up multiple times per night. I don't know what happened! She was doing SO WELL.

Last night was horrible. I hadn't fallen asleep yet when she woke up. Got her back down and I got to lay down for 15 minutes before she woke up again. This continued until 3:30ish. After waking up once more around 6:00, she slept in until around 8:00.

There were days not too long ago that she was regularly sleeping 8-10 hours straight at night. Now we're lucky if we get three hours. I know this could all change by next week. Or hell, by tonight. Or it might not ever change. *gulp*

Although she has gotten a little better since she's figured out how to roll around in her sleep. Sleeping on her side or tummy (I'm not too fond of this...) has been helping a lot. And her naps have improved greatly. She consistantly got 30-45 minute naps before, and now has been getting at least an hour and fifteen minutes for her late morning nap. Often times more. Woot!

So turns out my daughter is a long time member of the "Sleep is for Wussies" club. Here's to hoping I can get ahold of her membership card and tear it to shreds. =)

Here's my angel sleeping peacefully a few months ago. Now I wouldn't dare go into her room while she's sleeping to snap a picture!

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