Sunday, February 15, 2009

Four months old... wow

Today my precious, gorgeous daughter turned 4 months old! It occurred to me the other day that she is no longer a newborn. Hasn't been for a while. She is getting so big! Or at least so old. She's actually still pretty tiny.

My birthday was 2 days ago. Which is also the one year anniversary of when I found out that I was expecting. What a difference a year makes! Its so hard to believe it was only a year ago, though. And now I have this beautiful baby girl sleeping in the next room. Wow.

My birthday was also the first time that Elizabeth spent the night somewhere. She went to stay with my parents for the night. Nate had some convincing to do in order for me to agree to this! I missed her sooo much!

And just a quick cute little milestone: Lizzie is starting to find her feet! In the last few days, mostly during diaper changes, she'll hold on to a foot and try to suck on it. Sooo cute! She is starting the "put everything in my mouth" phase. Oh joy. =)

4 months! (17 1/2 weeks)

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