Friday, February 20, 2009


Apparently I have a little shrimp for a daughter. I weighed myself and then weighed myself with her, and the difference was only 11 lbs. I got the same answer several times. Then I got 11.6 lbs several times. I know its not the most accurate way to weigh, but she's somewhere around there.

So why isn't she gaining weight?? She weighed almost 12 lbs a month ago. She's gaining inches though. She's approx 24" long. So she's tall and skinny!

She's also doing this thing where she won't sit or bend her legs. She'll just be stick straight. Nate says that her bend is broken. And she's been spitting up a lot more lately. Not large amounts, but more frequently. She also looks like she's always chewing on something in her mouth. So all this on top of a little extra fussiness makes me wonder if her reflux is getting worse.

So good thing her appointment is on Feb 23rd. Oh, oops, no its not. Stupid me called and changed it to March 6th because I didn't want to be alone when she got her shots. That was before I realized how much she weighs and before the extra spit up and broken bend. I tried to get her appointment back but no such luck. So we're going to keep calling and hope for a cancellation. Otherwise we have to wait almost 2 more weeks. =(

4 months, 5 days

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