Saturday, February 23, 2008

Paranoia has kicked in

Its amazing how quickly all logical thought disappeared from my brain. I have been so scared that something bad is going to happen!

I keep taking pregnancy tests just to make sure I am still pregnant (stupid, I know). I also have been talking myself out of going to the emergency room (when I freak out at night) or to the doctor's office to get my HCG levels tested.

Today I took another pregnancy test while Nate and I were watching a movie. I was thrilled to see that the test line showed up before the urine even made its way across the strip! And it was so dark! It was almost a deep maroon, much darker than the control line. I kept going into the bathroom to look at it.

Obviously, I know its not a promise that every thing will be okay, but at least it makes me feel better today.

Only 9 days to go until my doctor appointment...

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