Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sharing Our News

I found out I was pregnant on January 2nd. I tested pretty early. The test had the lightest pink line of all light pinks lines. I looked at the test and thought, "...bummer. No line. Wait.... what is that? IS THAT A LINE?!" I looked at that thing from all angles. Yep. Definitely a pink line!!

I wanted to tell Nate right away and in a super cute way. But right after I tested didn't seem like the time. I ended up going to lunch with Katy and not mentioning it the entire time. Do you realize how hard that was?!

On my way home, I stopped by the cemetary. Grandpa was actually the very first person I told.

When I got home, of course I did the only logical thing to do. I peed on another stick. Again it was sooooo light. But it was there! So my super cute way to tell Nate we are expecting Junior Squid?

"Hey Nate.... I'm pretty sure I'm seeing a line here. What do you think?" as I walked into the living room holding the pregnancy test. So much for telling him in a cute way! Ah well. He is pretty happy anyway.

Last night I asked mom and dad to come up to the house after they were done visiting Grandma so I could see them before they went back to Chicago the next day. Or at least that is what I told them! ;) I had this thing all planned out for how to share the big news with them. I bought a frame with two pictures; on one side was a picture of Elizabeth and the other side had this "Photo Coming September 2012" thing that I made. It was wrapped and everything.

But of COURSE, when Mom gets to the house, she needs to use the restroom. And of COURSE, Lizzie had to go with her. I should mention Elizabeth was wearing a "Big Sister" shirt with a little pink sweater over it to cover it up. While waiting for mom to come out of the bathroom, Nate comes into the living room and motions for me to get my butt to the kitchen. I rush in there and he says, "Elizabeth is in there yelling stuff about big sister!"

".... Shit!"

So mom came out of the bathroom and acted like she didn't know anything. I watched her face. She tried so hard. She started smiling and looking suspicious and wouldn't look at me, so I said, "She told you!!" She started laughing and crying and hugging me. Apparently mom had complimented Lizzie on her little pink sweater. So Lizzie lifted it up to reveal her shirt underneath and said, "I'M A BIG SISTER!!

Poor dad had no idea what was going on! I had to call Lizzie into the room so he could read her shirt. Then I said, "Well this is how you were SUPPOSED to find out!" and handed them the gift. Oh well, Lizzie telling them was even cuter.

Then we went up to Rob and Judy's. I made them a similar frame, except with a lot more pictures to include all the grandkids! I wrapped it in such a way so that the last photo had an extra piece of wrapping over it. When Judy opened it, she kind of squealed when she saw all of her granddaughters. Then she took off the last piece of wrapping and squealed even louder! It was so cute.

Then I sent all the aunts and uncles a picture of Lizzie in her Big Sister shirt. It was pretty adorable.

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