Friday, September 9, 2011

Get out of here bug! ... no wait, come back...

E: "Mommy, please get rid of this bug!"

I wave my arms around at the fly

Me: "Okay, he should be gone."

The stupid bug flies back around and I wave my arms around again.

E: giggles

Me: "There, he should be gone now."

E: starts crying "I miss him! I miss that bug!"

Me: .....seriously??? "I'm sure he'll be back, honey."

E: whimpers "I miss him."

The stupid bug flies around us again.

Me: "See, he's back. Happy?"

E: "Yeah!" smiles all huge "I like bugs. Mommy, do you like bugs?"

Me: "I like cheerios! Here, eat your cheerios."

E: "Mommy, do you like bugs?"

Me: sigh "Yep.... so much."


See the little black speck on the table in front of her? That's her stupid bug.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! What a GOOFball! She is so darn cute! This is funny! =D
Love Gigi

Anonymous said...

This just really seems like something she would do! She really cracks me up! Why in the world would she like that bug except that you had made it go away. She's a little nerd baby! Love that nerd baby so much!

Love Gigi