Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Potty training updates

Toddlers have this weird way with habits. Do something one way, just one time, and you should pretty much count on doing it the same way for the foreseeable future.

Elizabeth's toilet is behind our loveseat in the living room.

How, might you ask, did the toilet make its way to behind the loveseat?

Every time she needed to go, she would run behind the loveseat, grunt a little, and come out a little stinkier. Any time we caught her running back there, we would try to get her to go to the toilet. Sometimes she would, sometimes she wouldn't.

SO. Her dad came up with the bright idea of putting her little toilet behind the love seat one evening when she was caught running back there. That way she can get used to going in the toilet while still going behind the loveseat where apparently she feels comfortable. Great idea, right?! Except now there is a toilet behind my loveseat. Every time I move it back to the restroom, she will drag it right back out and carry it behind the loveseat.

I'm sure this will be a hilarious story to one day tell her future boyfriend. But for now, I can't wait until she can go in the restroom like normal people.

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