Monday, January 17, 2011

Why do I stall?

Nate goes to bed earlier than I do almost every night. All of a sudden I think that I must watch this show that has been on my DVR for four months tonight. Or finish a sewing project, or a scrapbook page, etc...

After the show is over, I shut all the lights off and get ready for bed, brush my teeth, wash my face. I walk into the office to shut my computer off... but I might as well check my email real quick before I go to bed. Oh there's a good sale at that store, maybe we'll have to check that out tomorrow... and pictures are only 7 cents at that website right now! I'll just select the pictures I want to print real quick... Okay, back to email. Well. That email is annoying. I definitely don't know what to do about that one... I should probably stare into space for 5 minutes while I think about what to do about it. Nope, nothing. I suppose that email can wait until tomorrow. Finally I shut the computer down.

I turn around to shut off the lamp over my puzzle table, and think, wouldn't it be nice if I could get just one puzzle piece before I go to bed? Eleven puzzle pieces later, I shut the lamp off. Then I think I spot a piece I've been looking for! Lamp goes back on. Yep, it's the one! Five pieces later, lamp goes back off.

Then I go crawl into bed, hoping I don't wake Nate up so he can say, "What time is it? Wow, you aren't going to get much sleep tonight."

Thanks for that.

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