Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fixin' what Lizzie Broke

So I guess its not totally normal to still be in a whole lot of pain six months after having a baby. Nate made an appointment for me with my OB last month since I kept putting off calling him. I just figured it would get better. I just pushed a bowling ball out of there for goodness sakes, of course its going to hurt for a while, right? I suppose it is a good thing Nate called, because my doctor said that I needed surgery.

When I delivered, I had 2nd degree tears and needed stitches. Well, apparently my body decided it didn't want to heal correctly. I had what is called a fistula, which I had never heard of before now.

So on May 21st, I went in for surgery. They put me completely under for it. I was really nervous about that part, but also glad for it because it didn't sound like something I wanted to be awake for. The last thing I remember was the nurses putting my arms straight out at my sides. Next thing I know, I'm awake and the nurse told me the surgery was over.

I was pretty groggy for a long time. Then I was nauseous and ended up throwing up twice at the hospital and once at home. Not pleasant! Especially after having surgery where I did! Coughing, laughing, and blinking too hard hurt quite a bit. Okay, maybe not the blinking part.

I didn't get to go home until 7:30 or so. I walked in the front door and saw my beautiful baby girl playing on the floor with her Grandma Judy. Lizzie just looked up at me and smiled so big! I missed her so much! And I swear she looked older since the last time I had seen her around 1:00 PM. Then she started fussing because she wanted me. I sat on the couch and just held her and she hugged and cuddled with me for the longest time. This was my favorite part of the day.

Since the 21st, I've been in a good amount of pain. I don't like the pain pills because they make me feel "whooshy." Pretty much light headed and nauseaus off and on. But if I don't take the pain pills, I can barely walk. So yeah.

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