Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lizzie's Cute Things

~My very favorite thing lately is that Elizabeth hugs my neck. It is the best feeling in the whole world.
~She'll also grab the face of whoever is holding her and put her face against it. She will sometimes shut her eyes as if she is overwhelmed by the love she has for that person (G-ma Dianne's theory!). Sometimes she also does this with toys. =)
~When I'm holding her in one arm, she reaches back and grabs the hair on the back of my head, especially if it is in a pony tail. Which effectively pulls a nice chunk of hair out of the pony tail.
~She pretty much grabs anything and everything that is within her reach. Toys, plates, noses, lips, ears, etc. Nothing is off limits!
~Elizabeth apparently thinks its hilarious when we laugh. She did this with her daddy first. She and Nate, or me, or whoever will sit there and just laugh at each other! Its awesome.
~When she sees her binky, she opens her mouth super wide for us to stick it in. Smart girl. :)
~She held her own bottle all by herself the other day! (She doesn't get too many bottles, so not sure when she actually started this.)
~Elizabeth loves her jumperoo even more lately. She is really able to jump her buns off now! So cute! And she can actually touch the floor now without the photo album underneath. She was no where close to touching the floor a month ago! She's getting so big!
~While in the jumperoo, she likes to jump up and grab the bird hanging from the leaf above her. One time she grabbed it and just yelled at it. Poor bird!
~Just yesterday I noticed her babbling for the first time. She said, "Babababababa...." I think that means, "I love mommy!" =)
~However, she has been "talking" for a while now. Cutest thing ever. Nate sent me a text from Lizzie once that said, "Arr agg mm yar yar." I think that also means, "I love mommy!" =)
~Current nicknames: Nate calls her SquidWorm and Squiddy. I call her things like Sweetie Pie or Lovey Lumps. And one that only I have earned the right to call her: Fat Head, of course said with total love and affection!

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