Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Sister

When I was pregnant with Anna, I was quite nervous about how Elizabeth would take having a new baby in the house.  I was expecting jealousy, anxiety, regression, some sort of adjustment period...  I kept expecting the jealousy to just show up one day, for Lizzie to be mad that Anna is getting more attention or pissed that she is playing with one of HER toys, or for Lizzie to ask the question that I feared the most... "Can't we put her back in??"  So far....

Elizabeth meeting Anna for the first time. 

I am totally blown away with how awesome Elizabeth is with Anna.  She exceeded all my expectations of how life with an infant and older sibling would go. Seeing them together makes my heart go all melty.

At first, Elizabeth kept track of how many times she held Anna.  Like, "This is my very first time holding Anna!" and "This is my 8th time holding Anna!"  Then she would tell everyone who would listen that she had held Anna however many times. I think she lost track around 12 or 13. 

The first time Elizabeth held Anna. 

I believe this is Lizzie's second time holding Anna.

And now a bunch of random thoughts thrown together with bullet points:
  • She does her "job" of bringing dirty diapers from the living room to the diaper champ in the nursery (she will say, "Oh, I have a job to do!" whenever she sees a diaper sitting there. Hilarious.) 
  • She insisted on buying Anna the really expensive teether giraffe named Sophie, and basically makes sure she has it at all times because she knows Anna loves it so much (she actually does seem to really enjoy the dang giraffe). 
  • When Anna fusses, Elizabeth has said many times, "Anna, why are you crying?  You have a big sister!" 
  • She loves holding Anna's hand, or rather, she loves when Anna holds her finger.  Every time she says something like, "Mom, look!  Anna's holding my finger! Take a picture!" 
  • After Anna was born, even when we were still in the hospital, Elizabeth would climb on the couch, put a pillow in her lap, and hold her arms out.  That was her way of saying she wanted to hold her sister.
  • I told Elizabeth that it is so cool that she has a sister because some day they'll be best friends and can be each other's maids of honor, etc. and she said to me, "Mom, we are already best friends."

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