Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another potty training update :)

So last week was Lizzie's first time in big girl undies. No big deal. AHH!!!

She actually could have been switched over from pull ups to underwear a few weeks ago, but we hadn't made it to the store yet to buy them. Mommy fail.

She hasn't had an accident during the day since before October 1st. Seriously, overnight it just seemed to click with her. We have been working on it this whole summer, and she has done decent. But as of October 1st... she gets it. She tells me every single time she has to go. When we are eating out at a restaurant, or shopping for groceries, in dance class... she never goes in her pants! Even during her nap time she knocks on the door when she has to go. It is pretty awesome.

She is still in pull ups at night and has only had a couple incidents where she is wet in the mornings. I am pretty freakin excited and so proud of my big girl!

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