Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Look what I made!

For the most part, my poor sewing machine sits in a cabinet in the basement, all lonely and dusty. But since Lizzie was born, it has gotten pulled out and dusted off a few times! Before our trip to Vegas, I made a breast feeding cover using this tutorial.

This is the breastfeeding cover being put to use in a bathroom in Caeser's Palace. This was quite possibly the fanciest bathroom I have ever been in. The breast feeding cover did not, however, stop the cleaning lady from pulling the top of the cover out, looking in, and saying, "ooh, she's eating!" Umm.... yes. I didn't know what to say to that. She was a really nice lady and complimented Lizzie several times when we first came in, so I didn't mind too much. =) It was just really weird!

Next I made crib rail covers so Lizzie doesn't make a giant chew toy out of her crib. I used this tutorial for tips, but pretty much did it on my own. The side rails were interesting, since its all curvy (the far rail shows the curvy). Those took the most time by far. But it was fun and I think they turned out pretty decent.

The crib rail covers took a while since it took Lizzie soooo long to get a tooth. I just lacked the motivation! But once that tooth came in, I got the motivation I needed and finished the project... finally. Nate is happy to be able to get the sewing machine off of the kitchen table and back to the dusty cabinet in the basement. :)

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