Saturday, August 15, 2009

She's in the double digits!

Wow - 10 months old!! When did this happen?! By the way, getting her monthly picture was a whole lot easier when she was just a few months old. Before she was mobile and wanting to eat or destroy EVERYTHING. Now it's an incredible challenge to try to make her sit for longer than 0.7 seconds while I try to put the sign beside her, while also distracting her from said sign so she doesn't destroy it before a single picture is taken. Trying to make her sit for longer than the 0.7 seconds I mentioned doesn't even include the actual picture taking, just sign placement. Its an incredible feat, let me just say that!

Here she is trying to make a run for it. No worries, Daddy stopped her!

Daddy thought this would be a great idea. She figured us out right away. We are not nearly sneaky enough for this little girl.

10 months old and still no teeth! I love her little gummy smile. =) Although you can't see the sign, you better believe she is still reaching for it. Little stinker!

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