Thursday, July 16, 2009

She's on the move!

As of July 10, my little girl was still army crawling wherever she needed to go. Sure, she could only go sideways and backwards, but she made it work. Then on July 11th, she took a couple little crawly steps. Exciting, right?! Within days, my little baby girl who isn't so much a little baby anymore is an expert crawler.

Here is a video of her the other day crawling to me. Pardon my appearance, I had just woken up.

Also, Elizabeth has learned to pull herself up into a standing position! I thought it was amazing when she started sitting up from laying down earlier this month. She has turned into a big girl right before my eyes this past week. Here is a video of the second time Lizzie pulled herself up. She looks so proud of herself! The beginning shows her pulling up - the rest of the video is of her trying to get the camera and then trying to eat a bird.

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